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If there’s one thing Italian food is good at, it’s putting everyone in a good mood. After all, it’s hard to be grumpy or stressed with deadlines when you’re facing a big bowl of pasta or a platter of arancini. Fratelli & Co are here to put you in a good mood next time you need any event or office catering. Trying to butter up the boss? Try offering them some pappardelle in rich lamb ragu and see what happens. And you don’t have to restrict it to the office either — Fratelli & Co have Italian catering options for all kinds of events. Invite your family and friends over to share a parmigiana platter and you’ll definitely be in the good books.

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Charcuterie and cheese boards may be all over Instagram at the moment, but if you’ve ever tried to make one yourself you’ll know it’s a fiddly business. Take the stress out of preparing platters by letting the experts handle it. Fratelli & Co offer delicious finger food catering and Italian cuisine, guaranteed to make your guests so obsessed with the food they won’t even have time to take the Instagram photo. But why stop there? From cured meats to arancini and even a frittata or two, the finger food menu is the perfect accompaniment to any office party or personal celebration.

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Whether you need catering for a big event or a low-key afternoon in the office, Fratelli & Co can take care of your Italian cuisine catering needs. Customisable options make it the best choice in italian cuisine catering — not only can you choose to go for a half platter or a full platter, you can also decide if you want your meals delivered fresh and ready to be plated, or ready to pop in the fridge for a later event. Want them all ready to go buffet style? Too easy! Just pop the plates on the table and you’re good to go. Delivery is available if you’re too busy preparing to pick up, and if you’re local you can even score free delivery for orders over $250.

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